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BooBuddy Jr. Ghost EMF Trigger Bear - OZParaTech

BooBuddy Jr. Ghost EMF Trigger Bear



This is not your average bear! BooBuddy Junior has the attractive good looks - and so much more. This emf bear detects changes in energy. Children will love it, but this is definitely not a toy.

When it comes to ghost hunting and paranormal investigations, some theories suggest that using an object familiar and attractive to an entity may entice them to interact.

Set BooBuddy Jr. and turn it on to detect energy changes and start asking questions. Make sure to set a recorder or camcorder near the doll to document any potential responses. That, and BooBuddy Jr. loves being on camera!

BooBuddy Jr. is not a toy - it's an investigator!


  • BooBuddy Jr. is a cute, stuffed bear trigger object
  • Detects energy (EMF) changes and responds with lights in the arms when spikes arise
  • All electronics are completely hidden from view within the doll
  • Hard-shell carry case (optional add-on)
  • This version does not talk.

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