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Ghost Hunting Kit - Intermediate - OZParaTech

Ghost Hunting Kit - Intermediate

$360.00 $374.00


KII (Emf reader), Olympus Digital recorder (to capture EVP's), SB7 plus a free speaker (as seen on Ghost Adventures)

This kit is for the enthusiastic Ghost Hunter. It contains a Recorder to capture the ghostly responses to your questions, a KII meter (pronounced Kay-Two) to track down any random EMF spikes that may indicate the presence of spirits AND the Spirit Box (SB7 version) which is thought to directly receive ghosts voices through the white noise generated by the radio sweep!

Always record your sessions and review using Audacity (or something similar...but Audacity can be freely downloaded here on our website) as sometimes the Other Worldly voices are missed in a live session.

These devices are  seen quite frequently on many of the popular ghost hunting TV shows.


Happy Investigating!

NB The kit does not come with the Ghost.


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