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Full Spectrum SONY HD Camcorder (modified for Paranormal Investigators) - OZParaTech

Full Spectrum SONY HD Camcorder (modified for Paranormal Investigators)


Note: You will require full Spectrum or IR lights for this camera to work in the dark.
You will also need an SD memory card.
Specially modified for paranormal investigation this camera captures light above and below the range of normal human vision. It is sensitive to near-infrared and UV, so scenes lit by different forms of lighting will record differently compared to an unmodified camera, eg sunlight, incandescent, LED, fluorescent or arc lights will produce different colour gradients i.e. it doesn't produce normal looking video because of the extended spectrum capability which can't be switched off.

In order for a modified camcorder to be effective for Paranormal Investigation, a high shutter speed is needed. This camcorder records in high speed even in normal recording mode. This makes this camcorder great for Investigating and UFO spotting!

Full Spectrum vision is important to paranormal research due to the fact that it will capture images that are invisible to the human eye.

This camcorder has been modified to see the full light spectrum from UV to IR and the visible light in between.

1920x1080Full HD

9.2MP Exmor R CMOS Sensor

29.8mm wide angle Carl Zeiss Lens

27x Optical/54x Clear Image Zoom

(Camcorder not necessarily Blue in colour)

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