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PARASCOPE (Original Triboelectric Field Meter) - OZParaTech

PARASCOPE (Original Triboelectric Field Meter)


  • This is Paranologies Most Popular Sensor, and for a reason! 
  • Visually follows Triboelectric fields vertically, allowing you to be Scientifically informed of such fields that are handy during a Paranormal investigation.
  • If you have seen another meter that looks like or does the same thing as the Parascope, its been copied as this is the original Triboelectric field meter ever introduced into the Paranormal Field.  
  • The Paranologies Parascope.  Copyright © Paranologies
  • This is a Customized 8 channel TriboElectric Field Meter(Static)
  • Picks up triboelectricfields and follows them visually on the 3" Led tower. 
  • Tailored for Paranormal Investigation's to detect fields we cannot see with our eye's such as the hair lifting up from one's arm during an investigation. 
  • Ambient blue light to detect the unit in the dark.
  • Powered off 4 X AA Batteries. 
  • Custom Designed- Paranologies designed and own all rights for this custom piece tailored specifically for a Paranormal Investigation.
  • Field tested by actual Paranormal team's with great results. 
  • Measures 2.5" wide by 3.5" Tall.


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