Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Just a quick update

Boo Buddy Interactive has sold out, but has been ordered and should be back in by early February 2018. Same for the Dual IR/UV lights from GhostStop

Ghost Hunting kits are now back in stock with a new and improved Digital Recorder. There is small price increase due to the older models no longer being available and we had to go with a more expensive one.

SB7's. If they are in stock and you are thinking of buying them....GRAB THEM QUICKLY! They sell out faster than we can keep them in stock! I reckon you're all having them as breakfast cereal!

Ovilus - no, we can't sell them....please Bill Chappell, let us be your resellers in Australia!!!! :) Head straight over to Digital Dowsing to buy them...and the SLS XCAM's.

"I can get a copy cheaper". Yes, yes you can. You can pay for them and probably not see them for 6 months (and sometimes never!)....and they finally turn up and fall to pieces in a very short period of time. We ONLY stock the ORIGINAL items. We support the inventors and the creators and the thinkers....NOT the copiers! So, yes, you can get a copy cheaper, but sometimes, you get what you pay for!

PARACON 2018 OzParaTech are the After Dark Sponsors of Paracon 2018 and are sponsoring Bill Chappell coming! Also, Anne from OzParaTech is one of the guest speakers this year.  Make sure you book your conference tickets ASAP so you don't miss out!!! Find out more here



If you ever need advice using gear, have a special request or some help with something malfunctioning, always feel free to contact us. We are super friendly (I hope we are at least!) and always happy to offer advice.
If you have a piece of gear that isn't working on arrival, contact us straight away. DO NOT TRYING TO FIX IT YOURSELF. Any equipment tampered with will not be covered by warranty.


I'll try to keep a regular blog happening...and keep an eye on youtube for our "How To....." ghost hunting videos.


Thanks for your ongoing support.


Anne and Roman Rzechowicz

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