About Us | OzParaTech

OzParaTech is run by husband and wife, Anne and Roman, who are passionate Paranormal Investigators. In 2016, we launched Oz Para Tech through cultivating relationships with our awesome suppliers, and built a community of like minded people.

Anne is also cofounder of Frightfully Good Paranormal Spiritual Community, while husband Roman, is a Control System Electrical Engineer with over 35 years experience.

While working as a paranormal investigator, Anne realised there was difficulty in obtaining ghost hunting and paranormal equipment within Australia. You either had to: order from America with costly postage and would take months; or order from a local supplier, who then ordered from America, and then you would have to wait months OR risk buying off eBay resulting in cheap knock off items that would break or not work. 

Today OzParaTech is proud to be Australia's largest supplier of Paranormal Equipment online, supplying some the biggest names in Australia's paranormal community.

We offer equipment, workshops, education, tours and paranormal experiences throughout the world. 

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