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OzParaTech is Australia's largest supplier of ghost hunting equipment and proudly supplies some of the biggest names in the Australian paranormal industry. We offer equipment, workshops, education, tours and paranormal experiences throughout the world. 

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Motion and Vibration Sensors for Ghost Hunting | OzParaTech

Motion and Vibration Sensors for Ghost Hunting | OzParaTech

Industry leading devices to detect and evidence the movement or vibration of... 

BooBuddy Ghost Hunting Interactive Bear | OzParaTech

BooBuddy Ghost Hunting Interactive Bear | OzParaTech

BooBuddy Interactive Bear is an interactive ghost hunting bear that investigates with... 

Paranormal Tips with Anne & Renata

  • Ghost Hunting Kit

    This kit is for the enthusiastic Ghost Hunter. It contains a Recorder to capture the ghostly responses to your questions, a KII meter (pronounced Kay-Two) to track down any random EMF spikes that may indicate the presence of spirits AND the Spirit Box (SB7T version) which is thought to directly receive ghosts voices through the white noise generated by the radio sweep!

    Ghost Hunting Kit 
  • NEW Phasm Camera Full Spectrum Night Vision Video Camera

    Phasm Cam is the video recorder that does it all with magnetic power. This versatile video recorder was built specifically for true full spectrum night vision high definition video and magically snaps directly with our new Phasm Light. Capture your ghost hunting adventures with this remarkable Digital video camera.

    Ghost Hunting Video Camera 
  • REM-POD EMT with Programmable EM Antenna

    The REM-Pod-EMT provides manual and automatic baseline correction in addition to a programmable 5-Step REM sensitivity "range" adjustment. The EMT also has a +5/-5 degree ambient temperature Hot & Cold spot detection with ascending tones for "+" temperature change, and descending tones for "-" temperature changes.

    REM-POD for Paranormal Investigations