Paranormal Lockdown at Q Station!!! DO YOU DARE????

Paranormal Lockdown at Q Station!!! DO YOU DARE????


OzParaTech and Q Station are proud to present a 3 day, 2 night Paranormal immersive experience at Quarantine Station.

This is an AMAZING deal. Normally accommodation for 2 people, with brekky in a deluxe ensuite room is $588 for 2 nights. The Paranormal Investigator tour is normally $250 for 2 thats $838 BEFORE you factor in the History tour and the workshops.

BUT you will get 2 nights accommodation for 2 people, breakfasts daily, 2 hrs History tour Friday night, 4hr Paranormal Investigation Saturday night, a 2hr Psychic/Mediumship skills in Paranormal Investigation workshop AND a 2hr How to be a Paranormal Investigator workshop AND a 90 minute Paranormal Equipment workshop on Saturday ( so 5 1/2 hrs of workshops!) AND finally a debriefing Q and A session on Sunday.
ALL FOR $360 PER PERSON based on a 2 person per room in a Deluxe Ensuite room on the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL.

The early bird special finishes on 21st April at midnight and all individual ticket will go up by $30 per person.

My advice? BOOK QUICKLY! Rooms are limited! Don't need a room? Thats fine, there are Non accomodation tickets available too !

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