Product update

SB11's should be here around 3rd February.

Boo Buddy Interactive arrived today and is online. There is a small price increase due to the dollar being lower when we bought them.

Rook's are now in. Ditto re price. NB haven't been able to change the price on the 'featured item' banner, so be aware they are now .95cents more than the banner.

EDI+ should be here Monday. Once we know the final costings, we can let you know a price.

K2's and REM pods are running low, so jump in and grab one now if you're looking at buying them.

New Paratronics gear will be online shortly after we've given them a test drive in the field this weekend. The 360degrees motion detectors looks VERY interesting!

We will be stocking cameras. Thanks for everyones enquiries and patience. Being  small business, we can only carry a small amount of stock at a time and cash flow can get clogged up sometimes. Bear with us and we will get it happening asap.

Thanks for the continued support everyone!

Roman and Anne

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