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TIR Crosshair with X Y Axis Thermal Infrared Gesture Recognition - OZParaTech

TIR Crosshair with X Y Axis Thermal Infrared Gesture Recognition

$240.00 $275.00
The TIR-Crosshair is a dual axis Thermal IR paranormal investigation Device. It utilizes a very small 64-pixel Thermal Matrix Infrared sensor to detect thermal energy within a 60-degree field of view. The maximum detection range under ideal conditions is approximately 10’. Detection is represented using a 6 LED sequential array for each X & Y axis. Each individual LED change represents a 7.5-degree shift in thermal position, equivalent to a small human step at a 6’ distance. Under “Normal” conditions, it is important to understand that warm objects located within a cool environment, or cool objects in a warm environment would be more easily detected than an object with a temperature at or near the environment temperature.
It can be used as an interactive and gesture interactive tool, or by using the X & Y sequential LED array warm and cool anomaly events can be detected, isolated and tracked within the environment during your investigation.
  • Maximum Detection Distance: 10’ average depending on Thermal contrast between object and environment temperature
  • Detection Angle: 60 degrees (Horizontal & Vertical)
  • Thermal Temperature Accuracy: +/- 4 degrees
  • Sensor Pixel Resolution: 8 X 8 (64 pixels)
  • Optical Axis Gap: Approx. 6-7.5 degrees
  • Operating Humidity: 15% - 85%, avoid freezing and condensation

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