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EVP Olympus Digital Recorder - OZParaTech

EVP Olympus Digital Recorder



Capture evp's (electronic voice phenomena) with this great digital recorder by Olympus.

Sometimes the ghosts speak to us, but we can't hear them. Using a digital voice recorder, they can sometimes imprint their voices. On play back, we sometimes get to hear voices that we didn't hear at the time of recording!

HELPFUL HINT: make sure you say the time, date and location at the start of each recording. Also, if you hear any noises during the session 'mark them'. eg a car is driving past or you hear people outside.
When we go back to review the evidence, we quite often forget those sounds, so its a great way to save debunking time.

When its time to review your recordings, make sure you've downloaded our FREE Audacity program.

GST included in the price

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