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SLIMER kit |Olympus EVP recorder (NEW MODEL), KII EMF meter, SB7T(Rev6)Spirit box

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Hey there! For those who want to take their paranormal investigating more seriously, we've got a bit of everything in the SLIMER kit!

KII (Emf reader), Olympus Digital recorder (to capture EVP's), SB7T-Rev6 (Spirit box)

This is designed for the ardent Ghost Hunter. It includes a Recorder, for capturing responses to your questions from the ethereal domain; a KII meter (pronounced Kay-Two), for detecting EMF spikes that may imply the presence of spirits; and the Spirit Box (SB7T Rev 6), which is purported to directly receive voices of ghosts by using white noise created by a radio sweep.

It's highly recommended to record your sessions and review the audio using a tool like Audacity (which can be freely downloaded from our website), as occasionally, Other Worldly voices might not be heard during a live session.

These equipment are featured prominently on several popular ghost hunting TV shows.

Happy Investigating!


Please note, the Olympus in the photo is the old model. You will receive the NEW IMPROVED  one.

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