Ovilus 5 Ghost Box

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Ovilus Ghost Box

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The legendary Ovilus is finally available in AUSTRALIA unleashing words from the beyond.

Are you looking for the most advanced tool for spirit communication? Look no further than the Ovilus! Ovilus® takes spirit communication to a whole new level of information and ease. Ovilus converts environmental readings into words with ease, features and portability.

Features of the Ovilus 5b

  • 8 modes to choose from: words, drawing, motion, proximity and more
  • See and hear responses with text display and audible voice
  • Full colour touch screen
  • Multiple voices and language options
  • Long-life rechargeable battery
  • NEW red face-plate
  • NEW molded rugged enclosure (no more 3D printing)

The Ovilus 5 is the latest innovation in ghost box technology and is designed to help investigators detect and communicate with the spirit world. It features 8 unique modes, including dictionary mode, draw mode, energy mode, phonetic mode, and proximity sensing and more, all designed to help you connect with entities in a variety of ways.

No random words were harmed (or even used) in the making of this device.

The device works by scanning through environmental readings and correlates those with a list of words and phrases, and more. Utilising a combination of precision sensors to detect changes in the environment it allows ghosts to communicate with us precisely. As a result, the Ovilus 5 is able to convert these environmental readings into words, making it quick and easy for investigators to gather evidence during investigations.

The Ovilus Formula - The Standard for Spirit Communication

Ovilus has been teaching spirits what activity produces what words for almost two decades. Our own language, if you will. This long-standing formula has never changed and that codex continues in this new model. The readings-to-word system specifically chooses a word based on specific readings. As such, it has never used any kind of random generation.

You might consider the Ovilus a "secret sauce" that no other device can match. For over 15 years as more people have used the Ovilus, we have been essentially "teaching" entities what environmental changes or combinations can produce what word. As such, Ovilus will always continue this linguistic formula as a standard nomenclature exclusive to the Ovilus since inception.

Ovilus Modes

The Ovilus 5 is highly beneficial for investigators as it provides quick and easy access to evidence during investigations, saving investigators time and effort. It is also easy to use, making it accessible for investigators of all levels of experience.

The Ovilus is designed to supply you with many different ways to experiment: Dictionary Words, Drawing, True/False and Phonetic Mode are all designed for ITC research and experimentation. Proximity and Energy modes detect energy while Motion mode detects motion and vibration. All three screens are designed to easily visualise and understanding changes in the environment.

Ovilus 5 Mode Screens

Dictionary Mode

One of the most notable features of the Ovilus 5 is its Dictionary Mode, which is specifically designed to help investigators communicate with spirits. In this mode, the device selects words from a set of dictionary words that correlate with environmental readings, creating a form of automatic writing in digital form.

In this mode, you will be able to see and hear words chosen based on environmental readings. Chosen words will be displayed immediately on the screen and an audible voice will be heard. When energy changes are detected, the magnitude of the change is used to select 1 of 2048 predefined words. This form of communication is based on the ITC theory that spirits may be able to manipulate ambient energy and associating those fluctuations with words. As such, Ovilus does not employ any form random generation.

Ovilus also includes a Log Mode for viewing the full list of spoken words. This mode is helpful for checking the list of words voiced during Dictionary Mode sessions.

Draw Mode

In Draw Mode, the Ovilus 5 detects and converts changes in the environment into coloured pixels on the screen, allowing investigators to potentially capture images a spirit might want to illustrate in their communication. Ovilus will draws blocks across the screen in colors derived from environmental readings. This mode is a different method of ITC providing a visual that have the potential show us images or pictures.

Energy Mode

Energy Mode displays a graph of EMF energy designed to detect changes in the electromagnetic field, which is believed to be a sign of spirit activity. Energy level readings will be shown in a sine wave style similar to an oscilloscope. Showing the wave allows you to visualise how dynamic energy fields are rather than only showing an averaged number like a magnetometer (EMF meter) does. While Energy Mode may appear to respond to vibration, it is actually responding static and electromagnetic field changes as it moves.

Motion and Proximity Modes

Utilising the built in accelerometer this mode displays motion fluctuations enabling small movements to be visualised. Motion Mode allows you to visualise vibration and touch, a great way to detect movements such as footsteps or moving objects.

The Proximity Mode detection motion which is perfect for capturing activity in a specific area or room, allowing investigators to easily pinpoint areas of interest during an investigation. Energy levels display in a radial graph.  Proximity Mode is similar to Energy Mode in the data it processes. But it allows for a different view and a proximity trigger.

Phonetic Mode

Maybe you want the ability to allow entities to form words not set in the dictionary. No problem. Speech is formed from a set of sounds, or phonetics. This mode allows you to gather a collection of sounds that may produce words beyond the dictionary such as names, places, slang and other languages. In Phonetic Mode there are not even predefined words - just the building blocks of speech themselves.

True / False Mode

This mode measures energy to provide Yes/Now or True/False readout. True or False Mode is designed to create a green light based on energy readings increasing and a red light based on them decreasing. This is a quick and easy way to get simple bi-polar responses, on the fly such as Yes/No, Good/Bad, Male/Female. The opportunities are endless.

Settings at Your Fingertips

A Settings Mode screen allows for full control of different aspects of Ovilus. For instance, you can change the volume, mute the speaker, clear logs and set the dictionary voice to your (or the ghost's) preference. With simple touch screen functionality you can navigate easily to the settings you need at your fingertips.

The Power of Ovilus

In summary, the Ovilus 5 is an essential tool for any investigator looking to communicate with spirits during paranormal investigations with ease and clarity. With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, the Ovilus 5 is a must-have for any serious ghost hunter.

Bill Chappell Creator of Ovilus and Digital Dowsing

Made by GhostStop with Ovilus Inventor, Bill Chappell

GhostStop, is honoured and privileged to carry on the work of legendary creator and inventor, Bill Chappell. They are now manufacturing the Ovilus under Bill's direction exactly as he always has.

"For me, this passing of the torch is a chance to entrust the next generation with the technology and passion that I've been developing for so many years."
- Bill Chappell of Digital Dowsing and Ovilus creator

Tech Specs

  • Size: 4.25"h x 3.15"w x 1.25"d
  • Weight: 0.4 lbs
  • Battery Life: run time may range from 12 to 20hrs depending on hits, settings and mode
  • Display: Full colour touch screen
  • Voices: Male English, Female English, Male Spanish, Female Spanish
  • Battery Charging: Long-life battery rechargeable via USB
  • Battery Indicator: On-screen battery life indicator
  • Headphone port: Standard 3.5 audio jack

Quick Start Guide

Ovilus converts environmental readings into words, drawings, true/false, phonetics and more. The Ovilus 5 is the latest in our equipment line based on the original Ovilus and all preceding ITC devices by Digital Dowsing and Bill Chappell. The primary goal of the device is to help facilitate communications with spiritual entities allowing them a quick way to communicate.

Charging and Power

Ovilus 5 uses a rechargeable, long-life internal battery. Use a USB-Mini to USB cable to charge the device.

alert iconIMPORTANT Charging Info
To charge your device you MUST have the power switch in the ON position. Otherwise the unit will be powered by the USB cable but it will not charge the battery. During charging the battery icon at the top left of the screen will alternate between a charging battery and the estimated current battery level.

Charging is complete when the charging icon no longer appears on the screen and shows just the green battery icon.

To reduce charge times we recommend a 1AMP (1000MaH). Please note that charge times will be extended if charged through a standard USB port of a computer.  Charge times will vary from 1-10 hrs or longer if using less than a 1AMP charger. Run times will range from 12 to 20hrs depending on mode, settings and amount of hits.

Changing Modes

Upon first turning on the device, a user friendly Home Menu allows you to quickly jump into a mode of your choosing. Using the touch screen, simply tap the icon indicating the mode you wish to use.

Ovilus 5 Ghost Box Home Screen Menu

From top-left to bottom right:

  • Dictionary Mode
  • Energy Mode
  • Draw Mode
  • True False Mode
  • Motion Mode
  • Phonetic Mode
  • Log Mode
  • Proximity Mode
  • Settings

To get back to the Home Menu at any time, just press the red home button on the bottom left of any mode screen.

Ovilus 5 Ghost Box Modes

Quick Tips

The Ovilus V in Dictionary Mode will show the last 3 words voiced. To access a complete log of the words spoken from the Home Screen tap on the Log Mode to see a longer list.

To change the voice gender or language return to the Home Screen and go to the Settings Mode then click on Audio. You will be presented with a number of options including volume, voice and language choices.

Keep in mind, just like doing EVP and other ITC work, nothing is instant or guaranteed to produce results. Beyond that, Ovilus NEVER uses random generators.

Note: During normal operation the Ovilus will voice many words. This is natural changes in the environment around the Ovilus triggering the voice. If this keeps up, try taking it to another area to settle it down and begin communication.

This page only includes a brief on the extensive usage. We are working to add more directions to this web site as we continue to bring Ovilus into our product line. For a word list, see Digital Dowsing for the word lists and some additional directions. However, the directions via that link are for the older model Ovilus 5A. Some features and processes are different on the newer 5B. The word list remains the same.


made by ghoststop This product is made  at GhostStop.

Ovilus® is a registered trademark of Digital Dowsing, LLC (now part of Ghost Stop, LLC).

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