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Converter Lens for Phasm Cam

product sample photo

Turn Your Phasm Cam Into a Normal Light Camera

Phasm Cam is not just for night vision anymore. Now you can use it for daytime shots without the 'pink' colour effect.

Just pop on this lens and go from full spectrum night vision to full colour shots. Sometimes you need the flexibility to switch back and forth in a snap.

Well, now you can with Phasm Lens.

Day or Night, Capture Better Footage with the Phasm Cam

If you're not familiar, Phasm Cam is a 4K full spectrum and night vision recording camera for ghost hunters. It's built to see infrared and ultraviolet by design. In short, it was designed specifically just for low light use and it does a bang up job of it. To do this, the video camera was designed to take in as much light as possible for superior low light performance. As such, on its own, daylight shots can be overexposed and look 'pink'. Why? That's the infrared and ultraviolet from the sun overstepping visible light.

You asked. We listened. That's how we roll.

Now, we have a solution to make more use of Phasm Cam - in low light and daylight. Many have requested a way to use it for normal light shots as well. So, we came up with Phasm Lens for a quick way to convert from night vision to daytime use.

How to Use Phasm Lens

Just push the Phasm Lens on top of the Phasm Cam lens. Push it all the way on for a snug fit. Now watch your image go from full spectrum to normal light with ease.

product demonstration illustration

The lens should be snug on its own. For a more secure fit, we've also included a small screw you can use for tightening. Over time with much use or temperature changes it might become necessary to use the tightening screw.

The resulting daytime image may still have a slight coloration. For details and sample photos click the 'Directions' tab above.

This listing is for the purchase of Phasm Lens ONLY. Phasm Cam can be purchased separately.

made by ghoststop This product is made by GhostStop.

*NOTE: Parts of the Phasm Lens are made  at GhostStop. Each one is made with great care by hand. As such, each one may have unique elements in the texture that could appear to be small defects. These unique elements do not affect the function of the product. Ghoststop does their best to keep them as uniform as possible, each one will be unique in some small way since they are each printed and hand-built for quality. Thanks for your understanding in that.

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