I Want To Be A Ghost Hunter! Where do I start!

I Want To Be A Ghost Hunter! Where do I start!

I am often asked, " I’m just starting out ghost hunting, what do I need? "

Now, the capitalist in me should say EVERYTHING IN MY STORE! But that’s not true! To know what you need, you have to ask yourself this core question….

What are you wanting to achieve?

For example:

  • Do you just want to have an experience?
  • Do you want to capture definitive proof that ghosts exist?
  • Do you want to have a conversation with a ghost?
  • Do you want to be like the guys and gals on the TV shows?

Answering these questions will allow you to know where to start!

If you just want to have an experience, go on a ghost tour or an organised paranormal investigation. Hang out in a creepy locations (make sure you have permission to be there!).

Obviously, going somewhere where ghosts have been reported gives you the best opportunity to have some sort of experience. And really, you don't need any gadgets to do this. Just use your senses. Eyes, ears, touch, smell.....enjoy the ambience of the location and thank the spooks for 'chatting' to you.

Now, if you want ghost hunting equipment to SEE a ghost, that's a BIG ask. It’s so rare you actually get to see one. Be prepared to sit quietly  in the dark for a looooong time! Watch the shadows. If you're lucky, you MIGHT see something.

You want definite PROOF? Well, you're going to need some ghost hunting gadgets for that and an understanding of how they work.

Ghost Hunting Cameras

You can use your camera phone, but be aware that phone cases and flash can cause all sorts of non ghostie looking images. Halos, orbs (dust, water particles, dandruff, bugs, mist, rain, fog, breath, smoke), hair across lenses, make up smeared lenses etc....the list is endless.

Here is a great article by Sarah from Living Life In the Full Spectrum on using your phone https://llifs.com.au/blog/misconceptions-of-a-mobile-phone/  

A night vision camera would be a great addition. You need a modified camera that can make use of the Infra Red (IR) spectrum of light. You will also need an IR light like one of these.... https://ozparatech.com/products/wide-angle-ir-light

PLEASE NOTE: you can't just use an ordinary camera with an IR light. It needs to be MODIFIED to 'see' into the IR spectrum. Some SONY cameras have this Night Shot option, and our 4k POV ones certainly do.

Hopefully, with a camera, you can capture your EVIDENCE of the ghostly apparition!

EVP Recorder

Maybe its ghostly voices you want? In that case you will need a voice recorder of some sort. I suggest doing short burst sessions to start with, then, as you get more experienced, be prepared to listen to hours of audio for the elusive EVP (electronic voice phenomena). I like short burst sessions as you can play back after 5 questions (wait about 20 seconds after each question) and see if you are getting any responses. If you are, then keep using that line of questioning.

You can use the Voice Recorder on your phone, or this is the one I use

Olympus Digital Recorder: https://ozparatech.com/products/evp-olympus-digital-recorder

EMF Meters

Then there is the EMF meters. The basic thought is that ghosts are made up of the EMF energy OR they can influence it to set off the EMF readers. So, the EMF readers (KII's, MEL meters, Rooks etc) are detecting changes in the EMF field. So, work out where the man made stuff is first THEN look for readings that shouldn't be there.

EMF Meters: https://ozparatech.com/collections/emf-meter

Ghost Box

You want to talk to a ghost? Well, there are a couple of ways to do that to. Try EVP’s sessions (as stated above), or maybe some of the Spirit boxes. We stock a few of them too

SB7 https://ozparatech.com/products/sb-7-spirit-box

SB11 https://ozparatech.com/products/sb-11-spirit-box-ghost-hunting-equipment-in-australia

Sbox https://ozparatech.com/products/sbox

Sometimes, just sitting quietly and calling out to them to talk to you does the trick! You might hear a disembodied voice answer you back.


And lastly, if you want to be like the guys and gals on the TV shows, you need to buy every bit of gear you can lay your hands on, order matching team tshirts and declare yourselves experts after watching every season of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures!


Just joking (maybe ;) ). In actual fact, these guys & gals KNOW their equipment inside out. It looks like fun and games on the TV, but there is a LOT of work that goes on behind the scenes analysing footage, listening to recordings, historical research, client interviews….and normally, days and days and days of filming to capture MAYBE a small piece of evidence.


So, remember, TV is NOT reality, and REAL ghost hunting/paranormal investigation can be a slow process requiring loads of patience.


Good luck on your Ghost Hunting journey!




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